LG supplying Retina Displays to Apple now

Samsung was the earlier manufacturer supplying displays for Apple’s new iPad. Turns out, LG has been thrown into the mix as well; the company’s flat screen display section is delivering touchscreen panels to Apple for its upcoming version of the ‘resolutionary’ iPad.  This is in return for helping them recover their shares, along with elevating any early losses. 


The earlier report indicated that the LG and Sharp weren’t able to meet quality requirements for the supply of the Retina Display and hence, Apple turned to Samsung. Now, the source has said that "LG is also in a panel supply deal with Samsung for the new iPad.” As can been be read, the said ‘source’ has declined to speak to the media about this particular topic, along with rejecting any identification. Also, LG Display that has been integral in delivering displays for Apple’s earlier iPad models is staying mum over this entire matter. 

LG or Samsung?

LG or Samsung?



Samsung is currently the top flat screen maker, but LG shares have been escalating in the recent past, which means they are more than up for competition to regain and cement their place firmly in the display genre. The device in question here, the iPad, as most of us know by now has - a super resolution display, a powerful processor, the iSight camera, along with 4G. 


This, however definitely sounds like good news for LG, who haven’t exactly been performing up to the high standards that rival companies, like Samsung and HTC have set in the smartphone genre. Alternatively, considering the rivalry that Apple and Samsung have been having in the recent past, it might just be good news for them as well, as they continue with the production of their iPads and iPhones. 


In the midst of this whole demand supply chain, who do you think is the biggest winner? Samsung – that currently is the top hardware manufacturer? Apple – that enjoys unparalleled consumer satisfaction? Or LG – who have been the dark horse, but are slowly cementing their place amongst the biggies. Let us know in the comments section below.