LG, Sony Bury Patent Hatchet

Mutually agreeing upon a ‘‘memorandum of understanding”, popular technology brands, LG Electronics and Sony Corp. have finally eased the tense air prevailing between them. The two had locked horns over a patent infringement lawsuit, which they had filed with the U.S. Trade Agency over digital televisions and mobile phones. 

Dispute ends..

Dispute ends..



Over the course of the infringement suit, both parties stated that the other was guilty of infringing the patents of the other. The complexity of the lawsuit had escalated to a point where LG began looking at blocking the imports of  Sony Bravia televisions and PlayStation3 consoles in the U.S., and in a recent turn, the PlayStation 3 was blocked from entering Netherlands. Sony had something similar to offer, pertaining to LG’s televisions and mobile phones. Reports also indicated that the technology sharing agreement that existed between the two companies had expired and not renewed since, which is supposedly why the patent battle started. 


Now, post a request filed at the Federal Court to scrap the lawsuit, both parties seem to have buried the hatchet. 


Source: Agencies

Published Date: Aug 11, 2011 03:15 pm | Updated Date: Aug 11, 2011 03:15 pm