LG showcases 5-inch HD, TFT Oxide display at SID Display Week

Things seem really interesting now with LG having introduced its next generation of Display Technology, including a 5-inch OLED HD prototype, at the SID Display Week 2013, which is being held in Vancouver.

According to a report from the SID display week by Engadget, the booth showcases LG's flexible OLED HD display among other things. The OLED display sports a 1mm bezel, and it is seen that the 5-inch HD prototype uses TFT Oxide technology to ensure low power consumption as well as a slim profile to the panel itself.

According to LG representatives, the prototype uses IPS technology so as to give wide viewing angles. The prototype seen sports a rating of 250 nits, but LG experts are of the opinion that there will be a significantly higher brightness count by the time the panel comes to the market. There was however, no fixed time frame given for when the product may be seen in the market.

LG showcases its 5-inch HD OLED HD display. (image credit:Engadget)

LG showcases its 5-inch HD OLED HD display. (image credit:Engadget)


Another offering at the booth is a 5-inch panel which is said to be constructed out of plastic substrates, which makes the manufacturing process cheaper, and leaves the panel stronger and more flexible. What is most interesting is that the company has hinted that users will see this screen technology in a smartphone by the end of this year, according to the report.

From what can be seen, cost-effectiveness is the need of the hour. This is an added advantage for consumers as well. While traditional smartphones sport glass above the screen that can break and need repair, the OLED panel will not crack, resulting in lower repair costs. The report states that there is a demo area in the company’s booth, which allows attendees to take a hammer to the display and twist it in any way they want. According to observations, the panels were able to withstand all the tests thrown their way.

According to LG representatives, when the panel is launched in smartphones,it  may be seen in a bigger or a smaller size. And the resolution of the panel, which at the booth simply said “HD”, can be worked on as well.   

Published Date: May 23, 2013 11:00 am | Updated Date: May 23, 2013 11:00 am