LG reports sales of more than 10 million LTE handsets worldwide

Riding on the success of the Optimus G and the recent revamp of its smartphone lineup, LG has announced that more than 10 million of its LTE handsets have been sold globally.

The company says it’s all thanks to an aggressive marketing strategy. “Aggressive pushing forward with 4G LTE technology allows LG to satisfy the needs of consumers and is a huge factor in our growing success in global LTE smartphone sales,” said Dr. Jong-seok Park, LG Mobile Communications’ President and CEO. “Having established ourselves as a major industry player, we will continue to expand our footprint in the global LTE market with a wider range of differentiated, high quality LTE smartphones,” he added.

LG has announced that it has sold over 10 million LTE handsets

LG has announced that it has sold over 10 million LTE handsets


LG also said its being amongst the first companies to move into the LTE market has allowed it to ship more handsets and perfect other technologies related to the faster network. The company hopes to retain a strong market position in this category by offering a “combination of the best hardware and advanced 4G LTE technologies” through its smartphones. Analysts predict that global shipments of 4G handsets will touch 275 million by the end of 2013, and with the gradual phasing in of 4G networks around the world, that number is only set to go up.

Most of LG's mid- and high-end smartphone lineup supports LTE, including the LG Optimus F series (the LG Optimus F5 and Optimus F) and LG's new flagship, the Optimus G Pro. The F series is aimed at fashion-savvy users and offers an affordable option for 4G connectivity, at least in comparison to other high-end devices in the 4G category such as the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the BlackBerry Z10.

The LG Optimus G also supports LTE and has proved to be quite a popular phone in international markets. The phone was launched in Indi recently, but the poor 4G infrastructure in India will obviously hamper the LTE connectivity. Besides the LTE support, the Optimus G brings a 4.7-inch IPS LCD with a 1280 x 768-pixel resolution. It has a quad-core processor and the chipset inside is the Snapdragon S4 Pro. There’s a 13-megapixel camera at the back. The handset launched with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and LG has included a number of new features that run on top of the stock experience.

Published Date: Mar 04, 2013 19:50 PM | Updated Date: Mar 04, 2013 19:50 PM