LG QWERTY Slider GT350 Announced

LG Electronics has announced two mobile phones designed for social networking - the GT350 and the GS290.

The LG GT350 is successor to the KS360 and has full slide-out four-line QWERTY keypad versus a three-line keyboard on the earlier model. The 3-inch WQVA screen on the GT350 is also fully touch enabled an upgrade from the partial touchscreen on the original KS360.

The LG GT350's entire interface is optimised for social networks, providing full integration with sites like Facebook and Twitter. It aggregates information from multiple social networks onto one screen, making it easy to instantly check status updates, keep track of friends and respond to messages. For direct access to social networking sites, the LG GT350 has a dedicated shortcut key on the keypad. In addition to social networking, the keypad also includes dedicated buttons for accessing push e-mail, the web browser and instant messaging.

With real-time push e-mail, the LG GT350 immediately notifies users when they receive new e-mails. Registering multiple e-mail accounts is easy and messages are ready for viewing as soon as the GT350 intercepts them.

The LG GT350 will be available in the UK from June and will then launch in other markets around the world. The phone will come in four color combinations including Aqua Blue, Purple, Light Silver, and Black, some of which will be exclusive to specific carriers.

The LG GS290 is LG’s latest addition to the Cookie family and its most affordable full touchscreen phone with social networking functionality. It will be available in the UK from mid-March.

Published Date: Feb 11, 2010 12:20 pm | Updated Date: Feb 11, 2010 12:20 pm