Top 5 videos: moonwalking on and on

Like bikers in India, Prague’s artists Vladimir Turner and Ondřej Mladý had no dedicated bike lanes to cruise on. So they blazed their own  path — with a Pico projector. Make way people, as they take a tour of the city streets as the projector creates a narrow track for the biker as he peddles forth.

Povinná výbava / Safety first video excerpt from sgnlr on Vimeo.

Hear a street performer play Simpsons theme song played with a saw and a bow in an obscure underground. The saw bends and yields the truncated version.

Everyone’s thought of it sometime -- painting the door of your rented apartment any colour you like -- red, blue, purple. A little scraping and other help from the, an online video archive, hosts 853 unfinished films and raw footage, social and personal essays mostly from Mumbai and Bangalore.

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Michael Jackson walks on in this awesome non-stop crowdsourced video of his fans doing the moonwalk. You can send in your own and be added to the stream of walking at