LG Optimus 3D Leaked in Commercial

LG’s Optimus 3D has taken the smart route of moving from inventories to the big screen. We know for sure that the Optimus 3D exists, but then, seeing is believing. Looks like our prayers are answered with the LG’s Optimus 3D commercial.

Optimus 3D now on videos as well...

Pocket-lint has exclusive pictures and a leaked video of the Optimus 3D. There were rumors of LG’s new smartphone having 3D capabilities, but apart from a leaked image, there was nothing more. The video starts off with the camera panning across different angles of the Optimus 3D. It later says, "Finally, a smartphone that sees the world like we do" followed by "Entering a new dimension with LG Optimus" on the screen. Apart from the captions, you can see the dual cameras in the video.

The teaser looks good and gives us a hint of what we should be expecting at the Mobile World Congress which is going to start in a few days. Speaking of MWC, LG will be unveiling the Optimus 3D on Feb 14th on Monday.

Published Date: Feb 09, 2011 10:29 am | Updated Date: Feb 09, 2011 10:29 am