LG Optimus 3D gets Gingerbread, finally!

Even as the whole Android world anticipates the release of Ice Cream Sandwich updates for their Android smartphones, LG Optimus owners seem to be lagging slightly behind. LG smartphones have still been devoid of the Gingerbread update, but all that looks set to change though with Gingerbread finally coming to the Optimus 3D

Finally its here

Finally it's here



The Optimus One P500 got the Gingerbread update way back in August, however the later editions of the smartphone, like the Optimus 3D still hadn’t received the Android 2.3 update. LG were supposed to release the Android 2.3 update for their Optimus 3D by this year’s end, and now many users on the XDA developers forum have reported that finally they’ve got Gingerbread on their handsets. On the other hand though, there haven’t been any significant improvements in the Android 2.3 update, which is definitely a disappointment. 


Users requiring the update need to simply check the update center on their LG Optimus 3D. For those of you’ll who have got the update, are there any updates worth mentioning? Let us know in the comments section below.