LG creates single-sided LED backlighting for LCD TVs

LG Display, a sister company of the LG Group has announced a variation of backlighting technology for LED LCD TVs. The company has developed a 47-inch LCD panel that features a vertical strip of LEDs on just one side of the panel. Although this may seem inefficient, LG claims that it can deliver a brightness level of 400nits, while consuming just 28W of power. This is remarkable, since it officially became the world's most energy efficient LCD panel above 40 inches and it’s even lesser than many 20-inch PC monitors.

Are we compromising too much in the hunt for energy savings?

Are we compromising too much in the hunt for energy savings?


LG have managed to achieve this by reducing the number of LED lamps in the TV. If we have to go by the picture LG has released then it’s pretty clear as to which side the backlighting is placed. The right hand portion of the screen appears washed out and a bit hazy. This could be the viewing angle of the panel itself, but knowing LG, it’s probably an IPS panel, so we don’t think that’s the problem. The TV has a three-film structure, which helps focus and diffuses the light to the entire panel. It also features local-dimming LED’s, although I’m not sure how this is relevant to a non Full-array LED LCD TV.


There’s no word on when this will go into mass production, but we feel it would make it into their 2012 line-up 

Published Date: Oct 11, 2011 12:10 pm | Updated Date: Oct 11, 2011 12:10 pm