LG Asks for Halt on PS3 and Bravia Sales

We told you a while ago about Motorola hitting Microsoft with a patent infringement lawsuit and asking the International Trade Commission (ITC) to put a stop to XBOX 360 sales in the United States. Now it looks like LG’s doing the same, except with Sony’s Playstation 3 and their Bravia lineup of Televisions.

LG versus Sony - FIGHT!

There’s been a lawsuit back-and-forth between LG and Sony, dating back to when Sony sued LG for patent infringements on LG’s phones and Blu-Ray players. Now LG has hit back, accusing Sony of infringing on their patents with their Bravia HDTVs and Blu-Ray players, Playstation 3 included.

The patent related to the Blu-Ray players is one regarding the display of text subtitles and the handling of multiple streams, according to Bloomberg. LG now wants a halt on sales, as well as the ceasing of any activity related to marketing or repairs of the PS3, along with royalty payments.

Why is the ITC involved? Well the PS3 is manufactured outside the US and imported there, which means it’s in direct violation of the Tariff Act if it is indeed infringing on patent rights. There’s no news on whether LG’s request will actually be granted, but looking at how the XBOX 360 case went, it looks very unlikely.