LG Announces the Xnote P210 Notebook

Barely a week before CES 2011 and we get companies announcing quite a few products. It now seems that LG has decided to jump on that bandwagon as well. Its new notebook, the ‘LG Xnote P210’ claims to have the world’s thinnest bezel for a notebook.

Beautiful, ain't she!

The notebook has a 12.5-inch screen which fits into 11.6-inch footprint. While the exact specifics on the bezel aren’t known, what we do know is that the device will be powered by an Intel i5 470UM processor (1.33Ghz), a 320GB Hard Drive, Intel HD Integrated Graphics and DDR3 RAM.

The Xnote P210 is sure to make an appearance at CES next week, be sure to check back as we will be bring you more details about the notebook and more importantly, how thin the bezel is (heh). The Xnote P210 will be available to buyers in Korea sometime in February 2011 and will cost $1,135 (Rs. 55,565).

Published Date: Dec 30, 2010 03:27 pm | Updated Date: Dec 30, 2010 03:27 pm