LG Announces AR805 Digital AV Receiver

One of the world's leading manufacturer of consumer electronics, LG have just announced the launch of a digital AV receiver, the AR805. The new AV receiver is targeted at those looking for good sound and multi-connectivity. The AR805 includes features such as Portable Audio In and LG Sound Gallery (Bass Blast (BASS), Natural Plus (NAT Plus), Auto EQ and an MP3 Optimizer. The receiver also sports an Auto DJ mode, FM Tuner and a Mic In for Semi Karaoke.

The powerful sound Hi-fi component

The powerful sound Hi-fi component


Additional features of the AR805 Digital AV Receiver are:


  • 800 W (Front 100WX2 + Centre 100W + Rear 100WX2+ Subwoofer 150WX )
  • Dual metallic subwoofer for rich Bass
  • Powerful Looks with multi interface
  • Compression horn tweeter, metallic Woofer Unit
  • USB Plus for playIng movies, music & photo play
  • 2 –Optical In: 1 optical In for HD setup box audio in and second for DVD / Blu-ray player audio In
  • 2 Coaxial In: 1 Coaxial In for HD setup Box Audio In and 2nd for DVD / Blu Ray Player audio In
  • 1 HDMI In and 1 OUT: 1 HDMI In for HD Setup Box/DVD 
  • Blu Ray Player Video In. HDMI out for FPD Display.
  • Front AV In for camcorder connectivity
  • Built-In Decoder

The powerful sound Hi-fi component Digital AV Receiver, AR805 is available at a maximum retail price of Rs. 39,990.