LG announces 100-inch class Hecto Laser TV Projector

LG Electronics has recently announced the launch of its 100-inch class (100 inch diagonal) Laser TV featuring both Smart TV and Digital TV capabilities.

LG touts this as an impressive home cinema system as the 100-inch class LG ‘Hecto’ Laser TV comprises a special screen and an external Ultra Short Throw (UST) projection unit. The system, which will be demonstrated for the first time next month at the 2013 International CES, offers Full HD 1080p resolution and contrast with LG's laser-based illumination system.

"LG's 100-inch class Laser TV takes projection technology and makes it perfectly suitable for both the boardroom and the living room," said Havis Kwon , President and CEO, LG Electronics. "In the coming year, LG will continue to introduce innovative TV products to provide an outstanding productivity and entertainment experience for our customers."

LG Hecto Laser TV announced, to be demoed at CES 2013

LG Hecto Laser TV announced, to be demoed at CES 2013


LG claims that the 100-inch class Laser TV offers a theatre-like experience at home, but without the difficult installation required by previous projector-based systems. A standard projector system needs a sizeable distance from the screen to create a large image and generally needs to be installed on the ceiling. However, LG claims that the Laser TV makes installation and viewing easier by allowing users to place the lens a mere 22-inches, which is approximately 56 centimetres from the screen, while having the flexibility to position it near the floor or fasten it to the ceiling. The LG Laser TV offers 1080p Full HD resolution and 1,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio.

LG's Laser TV has a digital tuner and two 10W built-in speakers embedded in the projection unit to support virtual surround sound for a cinema experience at one’s home. A range of inputs include 3 HDMIs, allow for connection of other source devices. An optical audio output, as well as an RS-232 interface, will allow for integration into almost any home theatre environment. The device itself features LG's Dynamic Arc Design, creating subtly curved surfaces that reach a mere 5.7 inches in height. The 100-inch class screen features LG's Cinema Screen Design aesthetic, which limits the bezel and makes it suitable for any interior decor.

The Laser TV supports LG's Smart TV platform, which includes a range of features including built-in Wi-Fi, premium content providers like Netflix or YouTube, Smart World app store and Magic Remote. The system also allows consumers to manage personal content such as pictures, home videos and music libraries via USB or LG Cloud.

LG's Smart TV platform provides a customisable dashboard and smart connectivity features that streamline access to content from compatible smartphones, laptops, storage devices and the Internet. With built-in Wi-Di and Wi-Fi direct (Miracast), content from any compatible external device can be wirelessly shared with the TV. Navigation of services and external devices via the dashboard is made easy with the Magic Remote that features four modes of control – voice, gesture, point and wheel.

The laser-based illumination system uses specialised lamps embedded in the projection unit, delivering superior picture quality. LG claims that this system can run for up to 25,000 hours without replacement, roughly five times longer than mercury-based lamps.

Published Date: Dec 27, 2012 12:54 pm | Updated Date: Dec 27, 2012 12:54 pm