Lenovo's New M60 Desktop PC First to Sport Rupee Symbol

Lenovo has announced the Lenovo ThinkCentre M60e, whose keyboard is the first to feature the Rupee symbol.

All future keyboards by Lenovo will incorporate the rupee symbol too. The inclusion of the symbol has recently been made mandatory by the Government of India for all PC manufacturing companies. To make this feasible Lenovo’s technical teams from India and US worked closely with Microsoft in designing a user friendly software solution for enabling the new Rupee symbol as stipulated in the BIS (Bureau of Industry Standards) guidelines.

To Come With Rupee Symbol

To Come With Rupee Symbol




After announcing this launch, Rahul Agarwal, Executive Director of Commercial Business said, “The Rupee symbol highlights India’s critical role in the global business landscape. Lenovo is proud to be one of the first PC players in India to launch Microsoft software compatible rupee ready keyboards. We are in the process of transitioning the entire product range to be rupee ready in the next few months.

The ThinkCentre M60 is one of the latest ‘Think’ desktops by Lenovo and is powered by Windows 7. Its ThinkVantage helps rescue and recover backed up data. Though there is no mention of other detailed specs and above all pricing, the main point and another feather to Lenovo's hat is that they're the first to implement the Rupee symbol on their products.