Lenovo launches affordable IdeaCenter desktops in India

Lenovo today announced two new additions to its desktop line-up in India – IdeaCentre H430 and IdeaCentre H520s. These desktops offer a host of entertainment features at a space-saving design and an affordable pricing. The desktops are designed for basic home computing, along with some multimedia activities, like watching movies, listening to music and some casual 3D games. The IdeaCenter H520 starts at a price tag of Rs. 24,990 plus taxes, while the IdeaCenter H430 starts at Rs.21,250 onwards. Another feature designed specially for India is the new Rupee symbol key that’s featured on the keyboards. 


Lenovo believes in creating technology which appeals to one-and-all. Our latest desktops PCs are cost-effective, stylish devices which provide superior multimedia experience and are ideal for the entire family. Both, IdeaCentre H430 and H520s are equipped with Chicklet keyboards with Rupee symbols, customized specially for the Indian audience and hence facilitating wider usage of the symbol,” says Rajesh Thadani, Director, Consumer Business Segment, Lenovo India. 

The Lenovo H520

The Lenovo H520



The affordable Lenovo H520s desktop PC is 2 times smaller than a standard desktop PC, which uniquely combines a slim design with the smart performance of a 2nd/ 3rd generation Intel Core i7 processor and entertainment features like 5.1 channel surround sound support. Great for e-mail, video playback and organizing photos, the H520s also comes with Lenovo Assistant – an easy to use interface to organize ‘favourites’, clean up history and junk files, and manage the PC’s network connections and energy consumption. The PC is also completely configurable and you choose up to 8GB of RAM, storage capacity can be stretched up to 2TB and you also get an AMD Radeon HD 7570 with 2GB of dedicated memory, which should be good for HD videos and some older 3D games. If you’re not a big fan of AMD, then you could opt for Nvidia’s GT 630 with the same amount of video memory. Also included in the price is Wi-Fi ‘n’, DVD burner or an optional Blu-ray drive and Windows 7 Professional. 


The Lenovo H430 desktop PC offers a multitude of entertainment features at a very reasonable price. Thanks to the smart performance of the 2nd/3rd Generation Intel Core processor with Turbo Boost, it can handle many popular game titles with ease. It is equally good for web browsing, homework, video playback or editing photo albums. Rest of the specifications are configurable just like the H520 desktop. 

Published Date: May 22, 2012 03:29 pm | Updated Date: May 22, 2012 03:29 pm