Leaked Thief 4 trailer shows Garrett's tricks and tools

A new trailer for Square Enix’s upcoming game Thief 4 has been leaked. While it doesn’t show anything by way of gameplay, it does set the general mood of the game and gives us a look at some of the gear that we will presumably be able to use in actual gameplay. Check out the trailer:



The trailer shows the protagonist Garrett stealing a presumably expensive necklace and all the tricks and tools he uses to achieve his goal. We will get grappling hooks this time around, but whether or not they will be fired with the bow is unclear. Garrett can also use grenades, but the emphasis isn’t on combat at all. Instead, it is used to distract the guard long enough to escape.

Back in March, Director Nicolas Cantin and Producer Stephane Roy had said that Thief is going to be different from another extremely similar game - Dishonored. While they acknowledged the similarities, which were to be expected, considering the Dishonored developers cited the Thief games as having some of the biggest influences on the design of the game, Cantin and Roy were quick to point out that Thief is going to be very different from Dishonored. The major difference, according to Cantin, is that when "you jump in to [Dishonored], you realize it feels more like Deus Ex. A lot of choice, more action oriented.”

Hopefully, Thief 4 won't be action-oriented

Looks pretty thief-y so far


Cantin also levelled some criticisms against Dishonored. “[it] supports stealth but [they do] not [reward] it,” he said. Thief is going to have an extremely high emphasis on stealth, rather than making the action route viable.

Information on Thief 4 was revealed in March. The game will be continuing the series' tradition of first-person stealth and actively discouraging combat. It will also add a major new mechanic called Focus. It works like Detective Mode did in the Batman: Arkham games and highlights scalable walls, extinguishable lights and fingerprints that can be analysed. It also works as a sort of Bullet Time, as you can use it to slow down time while pickpocketing.

Gathering Focus lets you accumulate Attack Points, which basically work as emergency “oh crap!” buttons and let you pull off emergency escapes. This may be a lot like the VATS system Bethesda used in Fallout 3 and Obsidian used in Fallout: New Vegas, where you pause time and aim for specific body parts. For instance, you can use Attack Points on an enemy's chest to shove him out of the way.

The enemy AI can make or break a stealth game, and the first few Thief games AI were revolutionary for their time. Apparently, this game is set to continue the tradition. "Garrett's enemies understand the topography of the level and which areas could be useful for hiding. Different NPCs will look for Garrett in different ways," noted AI programmer Eric Martel.