Leaked screenshot of new Google Play Store shows cleaner UI

Sick of seeing a cluttered Google Play Store every time you try to download an app? Well, it looks like Google is about to revamp its Android store real soon.

According to a screenshot discovered by Android Central, a cleaner looking Google Play Store is in the offing for Android devices. The screenshot was put up by YouTube's Eileen Rivera before it was promptly pulled out.

The Store design looks far more pleasing to the eye compared to the previous designs we’ve seen. The categories are neatly stacked in two rows right on the top. On the homescreen itself, there is a category to check out Reading 2.0 apps. This category will contain apps to read books, one of Google Play’s newest offering.

Cleaner, neater UI in the offing

Cleaner, neater UI in the offing


It does look like the app is only being tested with Google employees for now, considering the Google Play icon contains a dog dish. The testing phase is usually called “dogfooding”, explaining the choice of test icon.

Late last month there was also a video leak discovered by Droid Life that showed a new version of the Google Play Store. Bumped to version 4.0.16, the store seemed to look more polished in the video, with the image-heavy front page being toned down to a large extent. More importantly, there were no more highlighted or featured apps being pushed on to the front cover. Instead, one saw a plain and simple stacked button layout where you could select whether you wanted to browse through apps, games, music, movies, books or the magazines section of the store. The fonts also looked slightly revised. And there seemed to be a lot more breathing space for objects in the new layout.

Inside each section too, the Holo theme looked very apparent. It looks like Google has decided to brighten up the UI considerably and where grey accents were generously sprinkled in the old Play Store, the new version of the app will bring a more sunny disposition. Category section titles were shown to have new fonts and inside each category, the items for sale had bigger images. Each item seems to be stored in a separate Google Now-style thumbnail card.
The layouts of most other pages, including search results and settings, were shown to remain largely the same with a few aesthetic changes. The search results were laid out with more space between each app and results from each section were shown there, beginning with apps. Each section’s results could be expanded and under the title bar there was a dropdown menu, which seems like it will allow users to easily navigate between sections. Overall, there seemed clearly an effort to bring some eye candy to the Play Store with each app or song or game getting a larger placeholder for its picture.

It is not quite clear when the new Play Store could be out, but the tiny changes between the leaks show that the Android store is still a work in progress. But with Google employees leaking out screenshots, it looks like it is only a matter of time before we get to see a revamped Google Play Store on our Android devices.


Published Date: Apr 08, 2013 09:38 AM | Updated Date: Apr 08, 2013 09:38 AM