Leaked Resident Evil 6 copies were stolen: Capcom

Capcom, the creator of the popular survival horror game franchise Resident Evil, has apparently told VideoGamer.com that the copies of the upcoming Resident Evil 6 sold by a Polish store last week were 'stolen'. 

Apparently, Capcom is “currently undertaking a thorough investigation into reports that Resident Evil 6 is being sold ahead of its official October 2 release date.”

"At this time, all we can add is that it would appear this unfortunate incident is limited to a small quantity of stolen copies of the German USK PlayStation 3 version of the game," the report cites Capcom as stating.

According to the report, a Polish retailer allegedly acquired and sold a few copies of the game over a month before the game’s official release date of October 2. “Reports of the game being sold ahead of its October 2 release were first reported by Polish website Neo Plus, which claimed that it was able to buy an early copy of the game at a store in Poznan, Poland,” the report reads.

Scared yet?

The lucky ones playing RE6 right now bought "stolen" copies


It is no longer possible to buy the game though, as the Polish website Neo Plus has confirmed with VideoGamer.net that the game is not available anymore. Citing a Neo Plus staff member, the report said, “Nobody is able to purchase the game now. The local store does not offer it anymore.”

However, Capcom is intent on releasing the game on schedule. Christian Svensson, Corporate Officer/ Senior Vice-President of Capcom, confirmed in a thread on the Capcom community forums that the "NA date remains 10/2”.

Resident Evil is one of Capcom’s most successful franchises yet. The latest game in the series, Resident Evil 6, was originally set to have three playable characters - Leon Kennedy, Chris Redfield, and Jake Muller, all three with their own storylines that will eventually converge. Though recently, Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, revealed that Resident Evil 6 will feature a fourth campaign that can be unlocked. The fourth campaign will feature Ada Wong as a playable character, and will be unlocked once the three main campaigns of the game have been cleared.

In an interview with Famitsu, executive producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi talked about some of the details about Ada’s campaign. “Ada’s story will clear up the mysteries from the other scenarios,” said Kobayashi. “Her scenario is played solo, without a partner character. When playing as Leon and the other main characters, you may end up encountering other players who are controlling Ada”.

Another big feature, unlocked by completing the main three campaigns, is a new game mode called ‘Agent Hunt’, where players take control of the AI-controlled creatures and enter other players’ games through online play. The main goal of the game mode is to defeat the player-controlled agents. There will be a warning for players when a human-controlled enemy enters the game, but they will not be told which creature the other player is controlling. When more than one player invades the same game, they can use voice chat to form strategies with each other.

Agent Hunt mode will include a special leaderboard. The multiplayer game mode can be turned off at any time if you don’t want other players to invade your game.

Resident Evil 6 will be released for consoles on October 2, and for PC in November.

Published Date: Sep 03, 2012 06:57 pm | Updated Date: Sep 03, 2012 06:57 pm