Leaked Nvidia driver confirms Kepler to be GeForce 600 series

Nvidia’s Beta drivers, which were leaked, not too long ago, now confirm that their next generation graphics series will be the GeForce 600 series. The Forceware 285 Beta drivers contained the two mobile graphics cards, GeForce 610M and the GeForce GT 630M. The GT 630M could very well be the GK 107 SKU we had reported about a few days back. The 610M appears to be an entry-level graphics card that would probably make its way into entry-level notebooks. The GT 630M, on the other hand sounds like a mainstream card with a more powerful gaming pedigree. We can expect this in most mainstream notebooks and hopefully it will be Optimus compatible, as well.

Starting small!

Starting small!


These new findings confirm our earlier prediction of Nvidia’s new found strategy. Unlike before, they will be going with the bottom-to-up approach starting with notebook graphics cards. Previously, after most of their desktop line was tapped out, would we see the mobile segment getting their share of updates which was usually quite a lengthy process.

With all the major game titles launching in this quarter and AMD all set for a year end release of their next-gen GPU lineup, Nvidia will have some catching up to do. Hopefully, we don’t get a repeat of their Fermi fiasco, all over again.

Published Date: Oct 06, 2011 01:22 pm | Updated Date: Oct 06, 2011 01:22 pm