Kratos Invades Mortal Kombat - Violently!

Stoked about Mortal Kombat? Us too. And for those looking at picking up the PS3 version, there’s an added bonus in the form of the God of War himself, Kratos, as a playable character. Using some of his moves from the God of War games, players will be able to unleash a ton of pain on regular Mortal Kombat folk who don’t stand a chance against this dude’s perennial anger.

Hide yo kids, hide yo wives

Hide yo kids, hide yo wives



If for some reason you haven’t been catching up on the latest MK game, head on over to our hands on preview where we giggle like little girls at the glorious violence on-screen.


Mortal Kombat releases by the 22nd of April 2011 for the Xbox360 (Rs. 2499) and PS3 (Rs. 2499).

Published Date: Mar 24, 2011 11:25 am | Updated Date: Mar 24, 2011 11:25 am