Konami reveals the core technology behind PES 2014's new engine

The dream of playing for your favourite football club could just come true as Konami believes that the latest edition of the Pro Evolution Soccer (PES), which is set for a launch later during the year, will give players a realistic feel of the game without even taking the field in reality. Konami's creative producer Kei Masuda recently revealed the core technology behind PES 2014's new FOX engine.


Backed by the engine, which will debut alongside PES 14, the game is expected to deliver a superior gameplay when compared to its predecessors. The “TrueBall” feature many would have believed is a mirror image of FIFA’s feature with a similar name, but Konami has promised that this feature when deployed on the FOX engine would perform better. This feature would help players to move the ball in all the possible directions. This would mean that Ronaldo could dribble past numerous players before depositing the ball safely into the goal.


Such moves could be made possible beacuse of the "TrueBall" feature



Another physics upgrade is the “Motion Animation Stability System” (or MASS), which is expected to control players' collision animations. Developed on the same lines as FIFA’s Player Impact Engine, the new feature is expected to improve the impact during contact between colliding players using dynamic animations and rules depending on a player’s size and weight, thus bringing a real life feel into the game.


Another talked about piece of tech is “Heart”, a feature expected to instil each player with a new level of morale and motivation. Influenced by a number of elements, least of which being whether your team is playing away or at home, a player's attributes might suffer or spike, adding another dynamic effect to the game.


"This time, we've changed direction and focused on the total package, including user experience, player controls and more," Kei Masuda, creative producer at PES Productions, said during a press conference. "We are planning many more features. We will announce these updates in the near feature. Stay tuned."

Published Date: Jun 07, 2013 07:20 pm | Updated Date: Jun 07, 2013 07:20 pm