Kodak, Samsung to Negotiate Over Patent Dispute

South Korean electronics giant Samsung has agreed to pay Eastman Kodak as part of an agreement to negotiate to settle a patent dispute over digital camera technology, the U.S. camera maker said on Wednesday. The agreement follows a ruling last week by an U.S. International Trade Commission judge that Samsung had infringed on two Kodak patents on digital cameras. Kodak had initially complained to the commission in November 2008, saying the digital cameras in mobile phones made by Samsung and LG Electronics Inc infringed on technology it had patented. Then Samsung filed its own complaint with the ITC in February, saying some Kodak digital cameras infringed on its technology. The ITC is a popular venue for patent infringement cases because it can stop imports of items made with the technology in question. The two companies are negotiating the settlement, which calls for Samsung to make a nonrefundable payment to Kodak this year toward its future royalty obligations. The camera maker did not disclose the amount of the payment.