Kinect Review Roundup

Microsoft’s motion controlled technology, where you become the controller, has been released throughout America and here’s what critics all over are saying:

IGN: 7.5/10
__STARTQUOTE__What it all boils down to is value to the consumer, and that is where we think Kinect's biggest challenge lies. At $149.99, a motion-tracking camera add-on for the Xbox 360 is a tough sell, especially considering that the entry level variation of the Xbox 360 itself is only $199.99. It may sell very well to families and casual players, but for more traditional players, the cost of admission may be too steep.__ENDQUOTE__
CNET: 3.5/5
__STARTQUOTE__With its impressive body tracking and unique, controller-free experience, Kinect is great for casual gaming parties and workouts--assuming you have enough room to play it.__ENDQUOTE__
__STARTQUOTE__If Kinect does work for you, congratulations: you have what amounts - for now - to a novelty peripheral that is in no way geared towards the day-one buyer or "core" gamer. Microsoft conceived a potential game-changer with Project Natal, it just seems like Kinect was born prematurely.__ENDQUOTE__

Can this truly make you the controller?

__STARTQUOTE__The Kinect as hardware is great, but there's plenty of room for software engineers and UI designers to improve. And speaking of room, if you're worried about cramped space, you might want to get a measuring tape before shelling out $149.__ENDQUOTE__
__STARTQUOTE__Although the potential of the Kinect platform is evident, it's still unclear how more mainstream titles like Gears of War or Dead Rising or Fable can use these new gaming mechanics. Will you act out chainsawing soldiers and zombies with an invisible saw in your hand? Will you gesture and wave to your peasants as you stroll down the streets as king?__ENDQUOTE__
So as you can see Microsoft has undoubtedly targeted Kinect at the casual gamer. Even then it does seem like it may be a bit too steep for him/her. We’ll only be able to truly judge it for ourselves when we get our hands on it by the end of the month.

Published Date: Nov 04, 2010 12:13 pm | Updated Date: Nov 04, 2010 12:13 pm