Kindle Fire makes up for half of all Android tablets sold in the U.S

Everyone’s busy talking about iPads dominating the tablet market shares, while there has been hardly any competition from Android tablets. Off late, however, Apple’s hold over the tablet market has been loosening and it has probably got something to do with the success of Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet. According to a report by Comscore, Amazon’s Kindle Fire now accounts for 54 percent of the Android tablet U.S market share, to be followed by Samsung’s Galaxy Tab family of tablets at a mere 15.4 percent, in comparison. The Kindle Fire’s market share went up by close to two times in just two months. Motorola’s Xoom and Asus’ Transformer tablets made up the third and fourth place respectively. All other manufacturers made up for tiny market shares in comparison to the rest.Being put in stores

Leading the Android tablet market



There’s also an interesting trend in the U.S where majority of the users accessed the web using 10-inch tablets. Looks like the trend here is - larger the screen, the more you’re likely to browse the web. The 10-inch tablet category has been dominated by the iPads, while the 7-inch tablets is dominated by the Kindle Fire. If Amazon’s Kindle Fire continues this way, there’s likely to be bigger shift in market shares. Amazon is already said to be working on three new models. While the Kindle Fire was an affordable 7-inch tablet, one of the three new models is said to be based on a 1920x1080 panel on a 8.9-inch display. This kind of resolution makes it very similar to the new iPad. Of course, this high-end model is unlikely to be priced at anywhere close to the existing Kindle Fire, but even if it’s placed somewhere between it and the new iPad, it’s likely to see a lot of buyers.


With no official announcement, an expected date or pricing, it’s too early to say how well it’ll do. One thing’s for sure though, if any other companies want to make a mark in the Android tablet space, there are lessons to be learnt from Amazon.

Published Date: Apr 30, 2012 10:45 am | Updated Date: Apr 30, 2012 10:45 am