Kim Dotcom's Mega storage service to offer 50GB worth free space

Internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom has revealed that his new Mega service will be offering 50GB of storage space to each user. Dotcom took to Twitter to announce this offering by Mega and hinted that his new service will be offering ‘very generous limits to free users’.


Unfortunately, Dotcom had some bad news for former premium users of the erstwhile Megaupload. Dotcom said that his lawyers said that he cannot offer premium status to former premium users of Megaupload, even though he was ‘hopeful’. Dotcom said that they were working on it.

Mega to be launched soon (Image Credits: Kim Dotcom on Twitter)

Mega to be launched soon (Image Credits: Kim Dotcom on Twitter)



The entrepreneur also said that he was seeing court permission to transfer data of former user accounts on Megaupload to new ones on Mega, in a kind of a merger of the old account and new. Dotcom tweeted that Mega was working with the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) in court to help Megaupload users get access to their files. The court has not reached a resolution yet, but after a long drawn battle with Dotcom, the US authorities are still fighting attempts to return those files.

The Mega launch (pun not intended) is expected to take place in New Zealand on January 20, which Dotcom promises will be a ‘Press Conference like no other'. The service will even be hosted at the New Zealand-based domain  

Before Megaupload was shut down, users of the yore would remember that the site offered a lot more than the current 50GB up for grabs. Megaupload had offered 200GB of storage for free with file uploads as large as 2GB at a time. Of course,Megaupload was also used mainly to share videos, which means the 50GB limit will be gone in the flash of an eye.


On the other hand, 50GB is not too bad a deal, considering players like Dropbox, Google Drive and SkyDrive do not offer anything more than 5GB for storage. The only other competing service will be MediaFire, which offers the same 50GB limit upload space for free.


MediaFire is available for desktop, iOS and has recently launched an Android version of the app. As is the norm with most cloud storage apps available in the market, MediaFire for Android will give users a built-in file browser and the facility to view images and videos in the gallery mode. The app will also allow online collaboration with other users to edit and share documents, presentations and spreadsheets. Sharing files over Facebook, Twitter and email is also an important function MediaFire can offer.

Of course, it has some strings attached like 200MB file size limit, ad support and no sync feature. Megaupload previously allowed a 2GB file size limit and while Dotcom has not specified what the limit will be with Mega, it will almost definitely be more than MediaFire’s.

Mega will also have an edge over MediaFire, considering that Megaupload was a popular site for Internet users back then to share videos and photos and Dotcom a much loved figure. All eyes are on the January 20 announcement by Dotcom now.

Published Date: Jan 18, 2013 01:08 pm | Updated Date: Jan 18, 2013 01:08 pm