Killer Instinct on Xbox One to be free launch title with one playable character

One of the biggest surprises of Microsoft’s pre-E3 press conference was the unveiling of fan-favourite fighting game Killer Instinct. As it turns out, the game will be a free launch title for the console. The game will be download-only and will only have one character available. To access the other characters, players will have to pay for them. According to Polygon, the developer, Double Helix, has confirmed that the game will also have an option for a “season pass” that you can use to buy all the characters in one go instead of paying for individual characters.

"Most fighting games that come out are disc based games where you get a huge cast of awesome characters, but it is a massive cast," Microsoft's Torin Rettig told Polygon in an interview. "Some games have anywhere between 30, 40, even 50 characters. And in reality, most players don't play that many characters. You just only have so much time to get good at so many characters. So we wanted to take that into consideration and release the game in a way that took that into consideration and allowed players to get in and play the game at the level that they want to play it."

Players will have to buy the extra characters

Players will have to buy the extra characters


"So the way this game will work is when it releases, you'll be able to play one character for free," he added. "You'll be able to just download the client and play that character — Jago — as much as you want. And you will be able to buy other characters and other content as you see fit. So as much or as little as you want. We wanted there to be basically a wide funnel. We wanted as many players to get in and enjoy the game and experience the game as possible, and to engage in it at a level that they want to engage at."

Killer Instinct first made its debut back in 1994. The game was developed by Midway Games and was made for Nintendo's console. The game saw a lot of popularity at the time thanks to its eye-popping graphics and combo-intensive gameplay. The notable thing about Killer Instinct was that it allowed players to break the opponent's combos and fight back with their own.

Published Date: Jun 12, 2013 03:31 pm | Updated Date: Jun 12, 2013 03:31 pm