Key components shortage affects Sony Ericsson feature phones

While manufacturers are gearing up for the holiday season, Sony Ericsson may fail to keep up due to limited stock. Sony Ericsson has revealed that it’s facing shortage of key components, which could limit its feature phone production during Christmas, as per reports by Reuters.

Mix and Walk

Components shortage


A spokesman said, "We are experiencing a shortage of key components used in some feature phones." Although it isn’t clear which components are missing, reportedly the shortage isn’t the effect of the recent Thai floods. The phones which are hit by the shortage of the components include txt, txt pro, and Mix Walkman models.

This news comes close on the heels of Sony buying Ericsson to focus on smartphones, which is also speculated to be the reason of the shortage. According to analysts, Sony Ericsson would be facing the problem as it plans to wind down the feature phone business. "We have not heard of any supply chain constraints affecting feature phone devices," said Gartner analyst, Carolina Milanesi.