Kaspersky Lab introduces Kaspersky Pure 2.0

Kaspersky Lab launched the Kaspersky Pure 2.0 version for home users today, which packs in password-security-related features, encryption capabilities, secured vaults and backup and parental control. As per an official statement from the company, Kaspersky Pure 2.0 version is simple to use and allows users to centrally manage the security of every PC in their home from a single PC. 


The company further claims that the Kaspersky Pure 2.0 offers better protection against viruses, spyware, Trojans, spam, hackers, worms, key loggers, rootkits, bots, scripts, phishing and more. Kaspersky Lab adds that the software automatically updates itself and does not take up computer resources. In addition to the traditional signature-based methods of threat detection, Kaspersky Lab adds that the latest cloud technologies and proactive  protection methods are applied to deliver a faster, more effective response to today’s complex, ever-evolving threats.

Kaspersky PURE 2.0

Kaspersky Pure 2.0



Kaspersky Pure 2.0 version comes with improved Safe Run function, which is an isolated virtual environment in which users can launch suspicious programs and visit unknown websites to check them over before running/opening them on their computer. System Watcher is a technology that closely monitors the behaviour of programs that are already running on a system. If a program performs a malicious action, then System Watcher shuts it down and the changes made to the system are rolled back. This function has been improved to be able to roll back changes made even during a previous session.


As per the official statement, Kaspersky Pure 2.0 uses a new File Advisor technology to assess the security of a file before it is run. Information about the activity of programs running on users’ computers is fed to the cloud- based Kaspersky Security Network where data is analyzed and matched against the reputations of these programs. If a program does something suspicious to suggest it is malicious, its behavioral pattern is added to Kaspersky Lab’s antivirus database. This allows other malicious programs with similar behavior to be blocked.


The software also comes with a URL Advisor. Built into browser toolbars, it flags links to infected or fraudulent (phishing) resources using a color indicator within search engine results. To receive more detailed information about a specific website, just place the cursor over the colored indicator.


The Kaspersky Pure 2.0 comes with Password Manager, using which one can create strong passwords, store them safely and also manage them. Users can access their password database using a master password, a USB or Bluetooth device or a Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone.

Password Manager supports several accounts, meaning each user of an individual PC can have his/her own password database.


The official statement further claims that it can generate secure, random passwords to provide better security and automatically enter them into one's account logins; it can also enter passwords directly into Windows applications via the Password Manager Button conveniently embedded at the top of applications’ windows. And it can help one locate unprotected passwords in browsers and transfer them to its own encrypted database.


Safe Net feature lets users safely store personal notes containing confidential information, such as PIN codes for SIM cards, software activation codes, passport details, credit card numbers etc., in addition to logins and passwords. 


Virtual Keyboard is an onscreen keyboard that you use with a mouse. It ensures logins, passwords, bank card details and other confidential data can be safely entered into web pages without the use of a standard keyboard. This prevents data being intercepted by malicious programs that can intercept it by taking screenshots or recording keystrokes made on a physical keyboard.


The software comes with data backup and restore, allowing you to direct any hard drive, removable medium, FTP server or other network storage to store scheduled password-protected backup copies of all your stored data as insurance against computer crashes, hard drive failure etc., claims Kaspersky. This has been improved with preset categories to make backing up whole categories of files (“all music files”, “all video files” etc.) easier, wherever they may reside on the computer.


Mr. Jagannath Patnaik, Director - Channel Sales - Kaspersky Lab - South Asia said, “It is becoming common for households to have more than one computer.  Home users are looking for easy to manage  yet comprehensive security solution for their Family PCs. Understanding the unique requirement of Indian home users,  we have packed Kaspersky 2.0 with innovative technology (hybrid approach to digital security), password-security-related features, encryption capabilities, secure vaults and backup, and Parental Control that offers maximum protection for all family PCs. Kaspersky 2.0 comes with the easy to use tool whereby you can centrally manage the security of every PC at his home from a single PC - simplifying the security management part.” 


Kaspersky Pure 2.0 is available in 1, 3 and 5 user pack. Kaspersky Pure 2.0 is available on Kaspersky Lab’s website www.kaspersky.co.in and on Sakri IT Solutions Private Ltd. - National Distributor for Consumer Products website www.sakri.in. It will also be available in IT retail outlets in Pan-India. Existing Kaspersky Pure users can upgrade to Kaspersky Pure 2.0.

Published Date: Jul 23, 2012 05:22 pm | Updated Date: Jul 23, 2012 05:22 pm