Kaspersky Announces Security Solutions For Smartphones

Security firm, Kaspersky which offers antivirus, anti spyware and anti intrusion softwares announced Kaspersky Mobile Security 9.0 for Smartphones. This security solution protects smartphones and communicator users from attacks such as malware, SMS spam and network attacks. It also has a Privacy Protection feature which enables users to hide information about any of their contacts they want to keep confidential.

Mobile security solutions for your smartphone

Mobile security solutions for your smartphone


Features of the Kaspersky Mobile Security 9.0:

  • Locate a lost or stolen smartphone: With the Help of GPS or Wi-Fi users can remotely locate, block or wipe out or locate their mobile phone.
  • Secure contacts, photos and files from unauthorized access: Users can store all their digital assets in encrypted folders and wipe or block them remotely.
  • Privacy Protection: Phone Contacts, SMS and call logs can be hidden or unhidden.
  • Block unwanted calls or SMSs: Black lists or white lists can be assigned to contacts.
  • Parental control: Using GPS Find, parents can keep track of their children whereabouts. Parents can also restrict their children’s calls or SMSs.
  • Protect your smartphone from malware and network attacks: Real time anti-malware scans, blocking of dangerous networks connections, etc can all be used to protect your smartphone through automatic updates.

This security solution is available on mobile platforms such as BlackBerry, Symbian, Android and Windows Mobile. Kaspersky Mobile Security Solutions is available for Rs. 599 at all leading retail stores.


Published Date: Apr 26, 2011 10:41 am | Updated Date: Apr 26, 2011 10:41 am