Japan's Doom 'Not' Caused by SuperMoon, Say Reports

Superpower Japan, yesterday, saw the blackest day in its existence. A massive earthquake followed by a monstrous tsunami swept away all signs of sane existence. Even as the destruction and mayhem swirled within the country, rumors of the ‘SuperMoon’ being responsible for this calamity began doing rounds. Immediate associations of the destruction with the lunar theory took the form of panic on a global scale.
 A snapshot of the Black Day

A snapshot of the Black Day



Amidst all the chaos however, theorists rubbished the claims of the ‘SuperMoon’ impacting the disaster in Japan and Hawaii. Reports now suggest that the Japan tragedy was a stand-alone event and not the doing of the ‘lunar perigee’ (the event when the moon is the closest to the earth). In fact, if the reports are to be believed, then yesterday wasn’t a lunar perigee, at all. The moon, apparently, was farther away than its average distance (400,000 km) and so, that possibility is clearly ruled out.


The routine occurrence of a SuperMoon is clearly not the reason for any specific natural calamity to occur. Although, SuperMoons may trigger enormous tidal situations and abnormal tectonic activity, it can’t really be convicted for disasters like these unless backed by hard evidence.


March 19th and the SuperMoon phobia seems to have panicked the masses worldwide. The occurrences of that day are best left to time, however, bracing ourselves for the situation (God forbid) and not panicking over scientific ‘assumptions’ clearly seems to be the clarion call.