Jabra launches 3.0 mono headsets, Clear and Talk

Jabra has introduced two new 3.0 mono headsets in India – Jabra Clear and Jabra Talk. Jabra Clear is a smartphone companion. Users can free up their hands to browse, play, swipe, and text besides talking wirelessly and listening to music. Considering the need for multitasking and traffic police penalties, Jabra Clear and Jabra Talk are intended for Bluetooth headset users. Jabra’s Multiuse technology enables users to pair up these headsets with two Bluetooth devices (e.g. users can pair up these headsets with two phones or with one phone and one music player).


The Jabra Clear has a sleek and shiny exterior that comes in a choice of two colours, black or white. The lightweight design combined with Ultimate Comfort Eargels make for a secure and discreet fit, adds the company in an official statement. The Jabra Clear comes equipped with a portable car charger that allows you to charge your smartphone as well.


Jabra Talk can be picked for Rs 1,899



According to Ann Goh, “Both the headsets are HD Voice® ready. This feature ensures that your conversations sound as natural as if you are standing right next to the person you are talking to. As and when the mobile operators start offering high-definition (HD) voice on their networks, these headsets shall be able to deliver rich, crisp and clear HD voice with just a simple software upgrade while Bluetooth® products from other brands would require hardware changes to achieve the same. What’s more, using the A2DP capability of Jabra CLEAR and Jabra TALK, users can stream multimedia content like GPS instructions, music, podcasts and even Internet radio. These headsets have Voice guidance built-in too i.e. the headsets announce battery level, Bluetooth® connectivity status and redialing to the user.”


Other advantages of HD Voice are it helps users recognise voices, hear faint talkers, and understand what accented users are saying. Digital Signal Processing (DSP) ensures crystal clear sound. User’s voice is enhanced without any compromise in sound quality, Jabra shares in its statement. It also adjusts the volume automatically when the user moves between silent and noisy environment while on the call besides lowering the ambient or background noise. 


Then there’s an on-off slider and an answer/end button on Jabra Clear and Jabra Talk. All that users have to do is to tap the answer/end button to receive the call and tap it back to end it. A double tap would re-dial the same number or contact for the user. If one wishes to reject a call, a long press on this answer/end button would do the job. The Jabra Status Display on both the headsets shows users the battery level and connectivity status at a glance.


Jabra Clear and Jabra Talk have six hours of talk time and eight days of standby time. Both the headsets come with different ear gels (for left ear users and right ear users) to fit individual requirements. Even the ear hooks come in different sizes and can be detached if the user wears glasses. The company is offering Jabra Clear for Rs 2,699 and Jabra Talk for Rs 1,899. 

Published Date: Oct 29, 2012 03:15 pm | Updated Date: Oct 29, 2012 03:15 pm