iTunes 11 Set for a Makeover

The rumor doing the rounds is that iTunes 11, Apple's latest version of its jukebox software is going to be a huge update and will coincide with the launch of iCloud, Apple's cloud-based computing service.

iDownloadBlog reports, "A reliable source of ours has stated that iTunes 11, the next major update to iTunes, will be revamped from the ground up. The basic layout of the iTunes UI hasn’t changed since the first version. This new update will have a completely different UI and better iCloud integration."

To be Intergrated with iCloud

To be integrated with iCloud


The blog goes on to explain that iCloud's integration with iTunes will be such that app data from iCloud will be synced closely with iTunes and back ups to iCloud will be stored locally on your computer as well.

An unproven source has also revealed that iTunes 11 will support reading iBooks on computers. As of now iBookstore buyers have to read books on their iPads, iPod Touch or iPhone through their iBook application.