It's 'Story' time for parents and children with this new Disney App

Disney Interactive has thrown its hat into the private social networking ring with the release of Story, a simple storytelling app aimed at families and kids. Using the app, parents (or pretty much anyone) can create collages of images and videos of important moments and share it with families and friends privately as well as on Facebook.

The app intuitively scans the photo and video library on your iPhone or iPod touch and automatically organises them into collages. These are already styled as stories. You can go around customising and personalising them according to your taste before you hit the save button and share it with your friends.

Make and share collages of your little one

Make and share collages of your little one


"When we become moms, our iPhone instantly becomes the go-to device to capture the spontaneous moments of family life. Before we know it, we have thousands of photos and videos on it," said Brooke Chaffin, Senior Vice President, Disney Interactive Family. "With Story, we've created an easy-to-use app that takes this content and creates meaningful narratives and stories that can be shared with friends and family with just a few taps."

Disney has made sure that the size of these collages is not a lot and the duration of these don’t shoot above a minute either. This, Disney says, is because they wish for parents to create more and share more of these collages.

Personalising is a fairly simple process too. You can choose the pattern of collages and add text, captions and themes to them. When you’re done with the collage, it automatically gets saved and backed up on iCloud for future viewing and editing.

You can send these collages over email and Facebook. Disney has laid large emphasis on private sharing here and it is understandable why. Story is targeted at parents and mothers of children who would want to share images of their toddlers with family and friends without displaying it to the whole world. If you’re a new mom and want to show your child’s first steps to your extended family, this collage maker is perfect for you.

You can download Story for your iPhone or iPod touch from the App Store here. 

Published Date: May 09, 2013 04:19 pm | Updated Date: May 09, 2013 04:19 pm