It's Cool to Fail, Says Pulse News' Akshay Kothari, One of the New Kings of Apps

As one of the masterminds behind Pulse News, Akshay Kothari, 24, has been called “one of the new kings of apps” for designing what The Next Web has dubbed “the best newsreader ever.” What started as a graduate student project at Stanford University has since grown into a product used by more than 3 million people and a company with 10 full-time employees. Kothari speaks with Firstpost about how he’s benefited from mistakes, why it’s good to not get what you want, and a new Pulse News product feature that will be released this summer.

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"If you’re not committing mistakes, then you’re not trying that hard", says Akshay Kothari, co founder of Pulse News. Screen grab from

How did Pulse News come about?
It came out of a class called “Launch Pad.” At Stanford, there are a lot of entrepreneur classes from MBA to the Design School. The most unique aspect of the class is that we didn’t spend time writing business plans or pitches. The intentional bias was toward action. You came in with your team and the only requirement was that you launch a product before you finish the class. We were working in a compressed time frame of 11 weeks.

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Published Date: May 23, 2011 02:27 pm | Updated Date: May 23, 2011 02:27 pm