IT and business professionals to opt for Android tablets, says survey

iPad has been reigning the tablet market ever since it was conceived and made available to consumers in 2010. There were a slew of Android tablets that made their presence throughout 2011, but nothing really could match up to the iPad or its successors. So, the common notion is that everyone wants a piece of the iPad. However, the most recent study conducted by IDG Connect says that this notion is just beginning to change.

The survey conducted on 3124 IT and business professionals claims that there is a startling move away from iPads, especially in developing regions. The results of this survey indicate that 71 percent of respondents own a tablet, out of which 51 percent own an iPad, but first time buyers will be opting for Android over the next 12 months. The survey reveals further that 44 percent want to buy an Android tablet, 27 percent want to buy an iPad, 3 percent will opt for Windows 8 and 21 percent aren’t sure which tablet to opt for.


Changing times


Android is the likely choice for most buyers in Africa, which is 44 percent and lowest in North America, which is 30 percent. On the contrary, users of developed European nations prefer Android, as for among people not owning a tablet, 23 percent plan to buy an iPad while 49 percent plan to buy an Android tablet.

The survey also talks about the work patterns of tablet users. It says about 64 percent of iPad owners use the tablet daily for work, Android owners using the tablet daily for work is 58 percent, while 71 percent of BlackBerry owners use their tablet daily for work.

Kathryn Cave, editor at IDG Connect, said "The rise in tablet usage and increasing prevalence of BYOD is set to have a fundamental impact on IT and business over the next few years. These findings signify changes in work mobile consumption and market leadership in the tablet arena. They also have implications for business in emerging regions, IT security and marketers worldwide."

Developing nations opting for Android is obvious as Android tablets are available at affordable prices. Microsoft, which was earlier rumored to dish out affordable tablets, is now speculated to go the iPad way. The question is if the iPad and Windows tablets carry the same price, what would a consumer opt for? Do let us know what you think about it.

Published Date: Jun 15, 2012 05:21 pm | Updated Date: Jun 15, 2012 05:21 pm