ISRO Confirms Launch of Three Satellites on April 20, 2011

On April 20th, 2011, three satellites will be launched from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre, Sriharikota. Confirming the news, Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) added that the primary objective of the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV-C16) will be the carrier of three satellites - ResourceSat-2, YouthSat and X-Sat.

The final check.

The final check.


Of the three, the ResourceSat-2 has been built under the scrutinizing eyes of ISRO. This 1,206 kg heavy, advanced remote sensing enabled satellite will focus primarily on the study and management of natural resources. The YouthSat, on the other hand, is an Indo-Russian project. Weighing 92 kg will be used to conduct stellar and atmospheric studies. The X-Sat is a micro satellite weighing 105 kg for imaging applications and has been built by Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

According to an official release by ISRO, the three satellites have been fitted into the launch vehicle. At present, the three satellites are undergoing several vehicle operations assessments. Once done, they will undergo the mandatory pre-launch and launch rehearsal procedures.

The Launch Authorization Board will meet on the April 16th, 2011 to review the level of completion of the launch vehicle, satellites, and ground stations. The countdown to the PSLV-C16/RESOURCESAT-2 Mission launch will begin in the early hours of April 18, 2011. The launch time would tentatively be 10:12am on April 20th, 2011.

Published Date: Apr 11, 2011 02:31 pm | Updated Date: Apr 11, 2011 02:31 pm