Is Red Dead Redemption the New GTA?

The verdict is in. Red Dead Redemption (RDR) has delivered. High praise has been showered upon this game by pretty much every media outlet out there. While everyone has their own interpretation on what makes the game so awesome, the bottom line is that Rockstar seemed to have listened to some of the criticism levied at Grand Theft Auto IV inserting way more variety into gameplay.

While GTA IV was awesome in its own way, one thing was for sure and that was it got repetitive real fast. While RDR still follows the linear approach to a certain extent, you have to appreciate some of the additional stuff Rockstar have incorporated into the game. In between story missions you can rob trains, farm animals, hunt animals, capture outlaws (dead or alive), set up camp during which you can meet other travelers who may/may not try to rob you and take on a plethora of random quests available in the game world, similar to an RPG. And like an RPG, you can upgrade Marston’s abilities, his arsenal of weapons and his attire as you deem fit.

Besides the lengthy single player campaign, Rockstar have churned out a full-fledged innovative multiplayer experience. You see the multiplayer lobby in RDR takes place in real time in the game world itself but unlike GTA IV, RDR’s lobby is actually populated with things to do. You could form a posse with friends and hunt animals or other NPC (non playable characters). Hell you could even start killing each other turning it into an impromptu death match. Off course there’s actually a full-fledged multiplayer component to boot with tons of diverse modes at hand.

In addition to this, we hear that the game’s technically sound as well and the RAGE engine has once again delivered an engaging high definition world to live in. We can’t wait to spend hours on end in this virtual world crafted by Rockstar over a period of five years.

Expect our review next week when the game hits Indian shores for the Xbox360 and PS3.

Published Date: May 21, 2010 01:00 pm | Updated Date: May 21, 2010 01:00 pm