Is Facebook going to revive Notes?

Remember Facebook Notes? The once-important feature of the social networking website has been forgotten and buried inside the folds of the multiple-revamp Timeline design today. However, it looks like Facebook is looking to beef-up the Notes feature to pit it against Tumblr.

Before Yahoo! came in and took over Tumblr, rumours were that Facebook too was eyeing the polished blogging platform. The deal, evidently, did not go through and Yahoo! has been flaunting its newest acquisition ever since. TechCrunch now reports that Facebook could be looking to revive its Notes features in order to soften the blow of not being able to acquire Tumblr.

Up for revival?

Up for revival?


Back in March, Facebook had acqi-hired the team from Storylane, a blogging platform. The service has been described by its founders as “the home for personal thoughts and stories that go deeper than a quick Facebook or Twitter update.” The vying for Tumblr and Storylane acqui-hiring seem to drop hints that Facebook is mulling over revamping its Notes feature soon.

Notes were launched back in 2006, with curious users poking it with a stick for a few years to see what exactly it could do. The feature is blogging stripped down to its bare bones. There is no customisation of skin. You can mess around with the fonts, add images and videos, but that’s about it. Consider it to be the long-form of a status update with a few features thrown in.

If Facebook had indeed purchased Tumblr, it would have had a lot more opportunity to merge Notes with the blogging platform in order to boost sharing on the site. Signs do point to the fact that something may be in works as far as Notes are concerned for Facebook, but they’re feeble. The time is ripe – with Tumblr being in the news all over again – for the social networking giant to dip its toes into yet another section of the Internet. Over to you, Facebook.


Published Date: May 28, 2013 08:56 AM | Updated Date: May 28, 2013 08:56 AM