iPod touch front panel measuring 4.1-inch diagonally spotted

The Internet is abuzz with rumours surrounding the next iPhone with many reports indicating that Apple will indeed reveal their next flagship smartphone with a screen size that is larger than the one they currently use. The last rumour to surface regarding the upcoming iPhone was that it would feature a display that was taller and would measure 3.95-inch. The latest bit of rumour comes courtesy MacRumors, to whom sources have provided images of what the front panel of the upcoming iPod Touch would look like. 

If one happens to wonder as to why this bit of information regarding the next iPhone is important, then it is simply because Apple tends to use a similar display size on their iPod Touch devices as well as iPhones. This could indicate that the brand may use the same screen size on both iOS devices. As per the report, “One of our sources has provided us with images of what are claimed to be new next-generation iOS device parts being carried by a supplier. The most significant of these parts is a claimed front panel from the next-generation iPod touch, with the supplier claiming that the display would be taller than the current model and that the opening in the front panel measures 4.1 inches diagonally.”

Features a display measuring 4.1-inches

Features a display measuring 4.1-inch


The report goes on to state, “Apple would undoubtedly use the same display size on the iPhone and iPod touch if it were to bring a larger screen to both of the devices, so it is not entirely clear how to mesh recent claims of a 3.95-inch display with this measurement of 4.1 inches and The Wall Street Journal's claim of "at least four inches", but all of the reports are in the same general size range. The viewable portion of the iPhone's display is slightly smaller than the opening in the front panel, so that could explain the slight discrepancy in reported sizes.”

With all the reports about the next generation iPod Touch devices and iPhones surfacing, one can certainly expect these iOS devices to be unveiled around September or October of this year. This will keep in line with the time the iPhone 4S was launched last year. For more information on the upcoming iPhone, click here.