iPod Docks for Your Home

Music is such an essence of life that it can enhance any situation and carve it into a memory, be it as banal as a morning routine, or  a jog in the park with your dog or a full fledged party in the living room. The iPod has taken it upon itself to provide the music for all these situations, and while we are not ignoring the presence of other (some really good) MP3 players out there, the iPod does still rule the roost. iPod docks are essentially docking stations for the iPod and its avatars like the Touch etc., with of course a 3.5 mm jack input for other branded players. Here is a list of some nice iPod docks for different parts of your home; even for the garden (for who ever is lucky enough to have one in Mumbai.)

For bedroom: Altec Lansing Moondance Home
Rs. 5,490

The dock for your bedroom need not be loud, though of course it needs a decent, comfortable sound. And of course it should have a clock and radio function, something that has been included in bedroom audio since forever. The Moondance dock is very well designed, perfect to fit into any modern decor. The screen is large and illuminates with bright blue LEDs. Audio quality is good, but lacks thumping bass, something which is anyways not such a requirement for a bedroom.

For Living room/Hall: JBL MX100 Music System
Rs. 29,990

This product is perfect for the Hall, as it's really loud at 30 watts RMS output. It's a stereo system, meaning two speakers built into the big black chassis. It's not just an iPod dock, it also plays CDs and the obvious provision for other music players is thrown in. It has video out too, thus enabling one to watch videos via the pod. The docking station is modular, and detachable from the side.

For bathroom: iCarta iPod Toilet Roll
$59.95.(2800 approx)

This one is a no brainer. It dispenses soft white toilet paper, in the most normally looking roll, but there are speakers on the sides. Jokes apart this one is a a smart contraption, as the speakers are "moisture free"as touted by the official site, plus it has a full fledged dock on the top, with a selector switch for changing tracks.

For Terrace or garden: Harman Kardon G0+Play
Rs. 24,999

This model has taken the concept of a boombox, and modernized and ruggedized it for usage outside in the open. Thus the name suggest us to take it out and, well, play it. It's got very seriously accurate frequency response, which is great for overall sound quality, and not just that, we get that clear sound in huge dollops, entailing that the system is really loud, perfect for a ghazal audience on the terrace. It has a futuristic look, but ergonmics are not compromised, as the handle on top of the system makes it very easy to carry around.

Published Date: Feb 15, 2010 03:58 pm | Updated Date: Feb 15, 2010 03:58 pm