iPhone on A Snooze

If you missed that morning bus, good chances of it being a fault of your pricey iPhone. Scores of iPhone users were in for a rude shock when they realized that they were actually delayed by an hour or so, due to a glitch in their iPhones they were so blissfully unaware about.


Bad timing?

Bad timing?




Elaborating on it - The iPhone time settings went haywire for some iPhone users. It simply got delayed by an hour. The iPhone failed to adjust to the daylight savings (DST) that began last weekend. This resulted in schedules going for a toss, as the glitch, as mentioned before missed everyone's attention. If you're among those affected, then you could probably try restarting your phone, or switch it to the airplane mode and back.


Networking mediums like Twitter are abuzz with several supposed solutions to this glitch. Only the consumers who have subscribed to the phone services of AT&T and Verizon seem to have encountered this delay.


iPhone has been one of the most coveted phones in the market loaded with the best apps. However, glitches like these have also been experiences regularly by the users.

Published Date: Mar 15, 2011 10:58 am | Updated Date: Mar 15, 2011 10:58 am