iPhone frenzy: Follow the iPhone 5s and 5c launch with tech2

The big day is here and new iPhones have gone on sale in a number of countries already, with the big US launch expected later today. As ever, there’s a big frenzy about the new iPhone and this time it’s more cacophonous than ever thanks to two iPhones being launched simultaneously.

Those who were hoping for a budget iPhone were disappointed, but the iPhone 5c brings a number of improvements over the iPhone 5 that it will replace in the portfolio. Like the colourful look for iPhone 5c? Will you buying it when it comes to India? Let us know.

As for the iPhone 5s, a whole lot of buzz has been generated by Touch ID, Apple’s fingerprint sensor and the new camera that brings a number of improvements to the interface and also the image quality.

As the iPhones go on sale across the world, we bring you all the mad action and the buzz that’s a given by now. Keep checking our live blog through the day for all the information.

Published Date: Sep 20, 2013 13:40 PM | Updated Date: Sep 20, 2013 13:40 PM