"iPhone 5 will put Samsung Galaxy S III to shame", boasts Foxconn CEO

As the year unfolds, the mobile tech arena seems to have lot to offer. While Apple has been gearing up with its iPhone 5, Google and Samsung just showed off the powerful Galaxy S III running on ICS and Microsoft is catching up with its highly anticipated Windows Phone 8 devices. The competition has already sparked some finger pointing. Terry Gou, the CEO of Hon Hai Precision Industry or Foxconn (the company that builds iPhones) recently bad-mouthed Samsung and the Korean people. Making bold comments isn’t something new for Gou. Last time he made headlines by comparing Foxconn workers to animals.

Foxconn workers compared to animals

Foxconn CEO bad mouths again...


According to reports by Taiwanese publication Focus Taiwan, Gou said that consumers should wait for the launch of Apple’s iPhone 5, and the newest 'i' devices will put Samsung’s Galaxy III to shame. Click here for the complete review of the Samsung Galaxy S III. Gou further said that his lifetime goal is to defeat Samsung, which has a track record of snitching on its competitors. Apparently, he was referring to Samsung’s action in 2010 of exposing four Taiwanese companies in an investigation by the European Commission on price-fixing in the flat panel industry. The news has it that he just didn’t stop there. Gou took shots at all Koreans and said that he respects the Japanese much more, because ‘they won’t hit from behind like the Koreans.’ Such foul comments could get Gou in trouble, especially the last one. There have been reports claiming that he actually used more harsh words, which were toned down in reports.

The new iPhone 5 is rumoured to release this October with a much bigger screen and probably a tapering design, featuring the latest iOS 6. While Apple is taking the competition to a new level and Microsoft is trying hard to catch up, we think Android needs to pull up its socks too, in terms of reaching its users. Android’s newest iteration, the Jelly Bean is in works, but disappointingly, ICS hasn’t reached a majority of the users, yet. As for Gou, we would like to say – Choose your words wisely.