iPhone 5 to be released on September 21: Report

Apple has sent out media invites to an event slated for September 12. With the date of the announcement of the iPhone 5almost confirmed, the point of interest is the launch date of the handset. A recent report by GottaBeMobile has backed the numerous rumours that Apple will launch the handset on September 21, nine days after the announcement.

As per the report, the author Josh Smith states, “The iPhone 5 release date is September 21st. A trusted source familiar with Apple’s iPhone shipping plans confirmed plans for the iPhone 5 to arrive on the doorsteps of customers on Friday the 21st for the first to complete iPhone 5 preorders. Our source tells GottaBeMobile that Apple notified shippers to expect mass shipments of the iPhone 5 on September 21st and shippers are taking steps to make sure enough staff are on hand for the large number of deliveries.”

Apple expects a lot of sales this year for the iPhone 5

Apple iPhone 5 coming soon


The website also states that costumers will get shipment notifications earlier than the launch date but deliveries are required to take place on the launch date itself, September 21.

In a related report by Geeky Gadgets, those interested in preordering the iPhone 5 will need to wait just for two days after the announcement is made. The report states, “Yesterday we heard some rumors that the iPhone 5 release date would be the 21st of September, and now we have received some information from a source that has confirmed that Apple will release the iPhone 5 on the 21st of September. We had thought previously that Apple would put the iPhone 5 up for pre-order on the same day it is announced, the 12th of September, but our source has confirmed to us that Apple will start the Phone 5 pre-orders from the 14th of September.”

This information should be really exciting for those who are eager to get their hands on this year’s flagship smartphone from Apple as the brand has not refreshed the look of the device since 2010.

One of the biggest changes expected on the next flagship handset is that it will come equipped with a display measuring 4 inches diagonally. If Apple does add a 4-inch display to its next iPhone, this will be the first time it uses a display size larger than 3.5 inches. The resolution of the next iPhone is believed to be 1136 x 640, with the width remaining the same. The change in design is a likely indicator, which may propel Apple to reach high sales figures.

With the possible change in design, we can also see that Apple will redo the design of the dock connector at the bottom and it will be a lot smaller in comparison. This change will apparently be implemented to fit the handset with LTE capabilities.

As for the display of the next iPhone, it is believed that Apple will incorporate a new technology called in-cell, which will help in making the handset a lot slimmer. This will help in avoiding the use of another touchscreen layer, as with in-cell technology, the touch sensors are integrated into the LCD itself.
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