iPhone 5 Might Run on an A8 Processor

Apple’s forthcoming devices are in the spotlight again. Now there are rumors of the iPhone 5 (or is it iPhone 4G?) running on the A8 processor while there is other news of iPad 2 getting a higher resolution display.

Faster than the iPhone 4? Maybe...

According to sources, Apple could be embedding their latest iPhone with an A8 processor, which is said to be faster than the previous A4, Apple’s custom-made processor for the iPad, iPhone 4 and iPod Touch. The processor will be manufactured by a Taiwanese firm, Kinsus.

Turn it over mate, the resolution just got better

Coming to Apple’s yet to be launched tablet, the iPad 2, which has been all over the news for one reason or another. AppleInsider says that Apple will increase the iPad’s native resolution by four times, resulting in a high resolution display. It is said that the iBooks app for the iPad have tags like "bookmark-ribbon-iPad@2x.png" and a "Wood Tile@2x.png" background image that covers 1536x800, rather than the standard 768x400 image used on iPad.

All this is still speculative as we’ve not really got any confirmation from the company itself.

Published Date: Jan 17, 2011 12:54 pm | Updated Date: Jan 17, 2011 12:54 pm