iPhone 4S benchmarks show who's the boss, for now

The iPhone 4S is coming out in two days’ time and it’s been in and out of the news. Some people have liked it, some people have loathed it. Now, a few synthetic benchmarks tests have compared the 4S to the other phones out there in the market, and in particular the Galaxy S2, as reported by Anand Tech. Here's a lowdown on the comparison.

The performance comparison chart

The performance comparison chart



Using BrowserMark, which, as the name suggests, checks the browser performance, the iPhone 4S gives a cool 89,567, as compared to the Galaxy S II’s 55,144. Now that’s iPhone-1, Galaxy SII-0. Next up is the Sunspider JS Benchmark, a JavaScript benchmark and the iPhone 4S scores a 2222, as compared to the Galaxy S II’s 4038. Samsung owners rejoicing already? Wait, with the Sunspider Benchmark the lower the score, the better it is. So, that makes it iPhone 4S-2, Galaxy SII-0. GLBenchmark 2.1, which is an OpenGL graphics test, gave the iPhone 4S a score of 73.1, as compared to the S II’s 42.5. So that makes it three-nil to Apple. 


Who'll have the last laugh?



The iPhone 4S is rumoured to have an 800 MHz A5 dual-core processor. A clock speed of 800 MHz doesn’t sound the fastest, but the benchmarks are proving otherwise. These are just synthetic scores and based on these numbers alone, the iPhone 4S does look like it’s beating the current competition hands down. Real world performances haven’t been taken into account. It’s only fair to give Samsung an equal opportunity as the SGS II is now a few months old, so it’ll be better to compare the Nexus Prime to Apple’s new iPhone 4S.


However, currently, it’s the iPhone 4S that gets the bragging rights. Over to you, Samsung.