iPhone 4 Pre-Order - FAIL!

As if Twitter's Fail Whale hasn't caused enough online frustration these past few days, pre-ordering an iPhone online is a major disaster. One customer, Lee Sacks from Los Angeles, CA, tweeted (worked finally!) "Trying to pre-order the new iPhone has been the single worst internet experience since trying to register for classes." (This news reporter went to the same college as him, and trust me, registering for classes was a nightmare). Another customer in San Francisco reported the same problem where every time he attempted to make a purchase, he would get session time out messages and also messages saying that there is an error completing the purchase.

What this means for die-hard fans? They now have to fill a pre-order form (wait for it) on pen and paper in store. So now, there is a line outside Apple and AT&T stores not to purchase an iPhone but to actually pre-order the phone. Now that's what you (arguably) call a Mac-Blackout.

Published Date: Jun 16, 2010 01:00 am | Updated Date: Jun 16, 2010 01:00 am