IPCom to ban sales of HTC smartphones in Germany

First, it was a show of poor scores for HTC, as they made their Q4 revenue numbers public. Now, a post on FOSS Patents and a subsequent Reuters report confirms that there is some more bad news in store for the Taiwan-based smartphones manufacturer. Reportedly, IPCom - a Germany-based patent firm is fast moving towards putting into action an injunction put forth by a Mannheim court, which was originally passed in February, last year.

Banned in Germany?

Banned in Germany?



HTC, according to IPCom's claims had infringed on their patents pertaining to UMTS 3G technology. The hearing for this was scheduled to happen next week, but, HTC withdrew its appeal, thus giving way to the enforcement of the ban in Germany. In a quote provided by IPCom to Reuters report it was stated that, "We will use the right awarded by the courts, likely resulting in HTC devices disappearing from shops during the crucial Christmas season."


Now, with the Christmas season already underway in full swing, a sales ban on HTC smartphones will prove to be a cruel blow to the future prospects of the fourth-largest smartphone brand, globally. Further according to the post on FOSS Patents, "At this stage, HTC's German resellers, especially some of the major carriers, probably have enough merchandise in their warehouses that they can meet demand for some more time. However, those mobile devices are fast-moving goods, and they are frequently updated (such as to fix security holes). Those supplies won't last too long."


Now, if things go as per IPCom's plans, then a sales ban of all HTC smartphones in Germany is inevitable. 

Published Date: Nov 28, 2011 11:14 am | Updated Date: Nov 28, 2011 11:14 am