IPCom compels German mobile phone retailers to block HTC sales

Late last month, IPCom, a Germany-based patent firm had announced that it was going to move its steps quickly towards enforcing a ban on the sale of HTC products in Germany. While it was a tentative move, back then, reports now suggest that IPCom has been pressurizing some top-notch mobile phone retailers in Germany to halt sales of HTC smartphones. A Reuters report confirms that IPCom has threatened these retailers with legal proceedings, if they do not comply. The patent firm has also approached the Mannheim court with a request to start fining HTC for having disobeyed the ruling, which was passed originally in 2009. 

HTC slams a suit back at Apple

Tough times ahead?




Now, if the court does indeed start fining HTC, it wouldn't take a lot of thinking to understand that the future prospects of HTC will be marred. Losing out millions of euros, and also major chunk of their reputation isn't something any brand in the market would want for itself. Further, staying out of the market during a crucial shopping season, too will hit HTC hard. Reportedly, back in 2009, when it all began, the Mannheim court had set a penalty of up to 250,000 euros ($335,000), each time HTC defied the injunction norms.


This is in addition to HTC's ongoing patent battle with Apple, which has been tumultuous, to say the least. 

Published Date: Dec 07, 2011 05:57 pm | Updated Date: Dec 07, 2011 05:57 pm