iPad mini to release alongside next iPhone, expected price $200 to $250

A lot of going back and forth has been on lately, regarding the existence of a smaller iPad. The last bit that we heard about the smaller iPad was that the tablet may not become a reality, after all. Apple makes a range of prototype devices, but most of them never see the light of day and it is only the final version that becomes commercially available. Now, news surrounding an iPad mini has surfaced once more, courtesy of a report by iMore and they state that the brand will be releasing a 7-inch version of their highly successful tablet by October 2012, alongside the next iPhone.

Is it going to become a reality?

Is it going to become a reality?


In the iMore report, the author states, “Apple will be going forward with the 7-inch iPad, currently targeting an October 2012 release alongside the new iPhone, and -- here's the killer -- at a $200 to $250 price point. According to our sources, the reason for such aggressive pricing is to do to the tablet market what Apple did to the MP3 market in 2004 with the expansion of the iPod product line -- leave absolutely no space for competitors.” The report goes on to add that their sources have informed them that the 7-inch version will be identical to the new iPad with it featuring a resolution of 2048x1536 pixels. This would give the iPad mini a pixel density of around 326 ppi, which is the same density found on the iPhone 4S.

If one was wondering how Apple would manage to price this tablet, so competitively, the answer lies in it being unveiled with only 8GB of storage. The report adds, “Apple will be keeping costs lower is by providing less storage capacity. $200 to $250 will get you 8GB. By way of comparison, the current entry-level iPod touch also starts at $200 for 8GB. (And no, Apple won't be replacing the iPod touch with the 7-inch iPad, both devices will remain in the product lineup -- though it'll be interesting to see what happens with iPod touch pricing and storage capacity.)”

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